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Weekly Horoscopes!
Weekly Horoscopes From Astrology Insight!

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These Horoscopes are for Week Starting 01 22 2021
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Aries the RamAries - March 21 - April 20 You may not get your facts correct this week; double-check before making any statements. You will have a tendency to exaggerate, which will lead to major confrontations with loved ones. You might have a problem hanging on to your money this week. Sit back.

Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
Taurus the BullTaurus - April 21 - May 20 Be cautious while traveling to foreign countries. You can make life easier for an older member of your family. Unexpected bills will be impossible for you to pay. Be willing to listen, but don't be fooled.

Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
Gemini the TwinsGemini - May 22 - June 21 You're in a high cycle for romance. You are best to work at home if you can. Look into ways that you can make extra cash. You need to concentrate on solving existing problems.

Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
Cancer the CrabCancer - June 22 - July 22 You will have a problem holding on to your cash this week. Too much talk will lead to disputes. You will have to make changes in order to eliminate the tension. Don't let anyone take credit for a job you did.

Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
Leo the LionLeo - July 23 -August 22 Real estate investments will payoff. Be cautious while traveling; minor accidents are evident. Do not borrow or lend money or belongings to friends or relatives if you wish to avoid any hassles. Outings with relatives or good friends will provide you with stimulating conversation.

Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
Virgo the VirginVirgo - August 23 - September 22 You could be blind to the defects of those you love. You can develop your creative talents if you take the time to practice your art. You will be emotional with regard to your personal life. Avoid any petty ego confrontations; they could lead to estrangement if you aren't careful.

Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
Libra the ScalesLibra - September 23 - October 22 Be sure to get involved with those who can introduce you to unusual forms of entertainment. Rest and relaxation may be required; minor health problems will prevail if you don't watch your diet. Take your time be fore making personal decisions. It's time to reconnect with some of the people you used to know.

Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
Scorpio the ScorpionScorpio - October 23 - November 21 Do your best, but don't make too many promises or you may exhaust yourself. Deception is evident around you. You will be tempted to shop till you drop. Don't let relatives stand in the way of your personal plans.

Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
Sagittarius the ArcherSagittarius - November 22 - December 20 A friendship might suffer if money becomes an issue. You need to look into some private matters before you can proceed with your plans. Friends or groups that you're affiliated with may want you to contribute more cash than you can really afford. The battle continues.

Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
Capricorn the GoatCapricorn - December 21 - January 19 Get back into a routine that promises a better looking, more aware individual. New methods and innovative technology will make your job far easier than you anticipated. Your family may not be pleased with your decisions. Partnerships may be strained if one of you has been erratic and hard to deal with.

Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.
Aquarius the Water BearerAquarius - January 20 - February 18 Try to slow down, and take another look. Try to be fair in your dealings with acquaintances. You will have some problems with children, but if you are patient you will win their favor. Your words will be taken out of context if you're evasive with coworkers or employers.

Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
Pisces the FishesPisces - February 19 - March 20 Get involved in groups that will help you meet established individuals. Hidden matters are likely to surface. Try not to argue about trivial matters. Get them to pitch in, if you need help.

Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.

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