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Scorpio gets along with Scorpio fairly well, but don't bet the bank on the long haul.

Scorpio With Scorpio:

Only time will tell whether these two have what it takes to have a lasting love. Be aware that you both have a strong need to control your partner. This is where potential problems could arise. Possessiveness is also another area that could create problems. You could learn fascinating things from this other Scorpio so think about keeping them as a friend if the romance doesn't work out.

scorpio and scorpio - compatibility rank = 5 (10 is best)

A real love or hate thing. It can work out very well, though, with each of you almost reading the other's mind. These two people who are so much alike understand each other very little. They are highly jealous and demanding. Both are sulky, brooding and possessive. Both are in a continual struggle to force the other to relinquish control.

SCORPIO goes with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn. (Best match is Capricorn)

Best Match For Scorpio Is Capricorn
These two can not only understand one another extremely well, but can actually match sensitivities and emotions, almost (if not actually) on a psychic level. A very long lasting relationship, these two seldom ever break up.

Worst Match For Scorpio is Aries
The somewhat possessive Scorpio will never go for the love them and leave them attitude that Aries sometimes seems to exhibit. It's not that Aries are immoral, it is just that they give this impression too often to get along for great periods with the Scorpio. Also, the "depth" of Scorpio is somewhat foreign to Aries.

How Scorpio gets along with all the signs:

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