Scorpio With Cancer Zodiac sign (astrological sign) compatibility section.  Find out what sign you match with best, and what to look for (or look out for) in a mate.

Scorpio With Cancer Love Horoscopes and Compatibility section.

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Scorpio gets along with Cancer pretty well I would say, worth a shot.

Scorpio With Cancer:

Cancers natural concern for other people may somehow lead Scorpio to think that they are using Cancers good nature and disposition, secretly these thoughts will come from a touch of jealousy of Cancers interest in someone besides him/her. Cancer has great respect for Scorpio, and even though Cancer is of a slightly critical nature Cancer will learn to phrase these criticisms without wounding Scorpio's pride. These two can get along on a very high level. Soul mates are common in this match up. A very good relationship but needs constant maintenance.

scorpio and cancer - astrological compatibility rank = 7 (10 is best)

Both are ruled by the emotions and both are water signs. Can be very constructive or very destructive depending on the next wave. If these two water signs could only learn to float instead of surge.

SCORPIO goes with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn. (Best match is Capricorn)

Best Match For Scorpio Is Capricorn
These two can not only understand one another extremely well, but can actually match sensitivities and emotions, almost (if not actually) on a psychic level. A very long lasting relationship, these two seldom ever break up.

Worst Match For Scorpio is Aries
The somewhat possessive Scorpio will never go for the love them and leave them attitude that Aries sometimes seems to exhibit. It's not that Aries are immoral, it is just that they give this impression too often to get along for great periods with the Scorpio. Also, the "depth" of Scorpio is somewhat foreign to Aries.

How Scorpio gets along with all the signs:

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