Cancer With Virgo Zodiac sign (astrological sign) compatibility section.  Find out what sign you match with best, and what to look for (or look out for) in a mate.

Cancer With Virgo Love Horoscopes and Compatibility section.

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Cancer gets along with Virgo pretty well, one of the better zodiac matches for them.

Cancer With Virgo:

Cancer is shrewd in caring for their finances, although he/she may not be emotionally able to handle the criticism that will surely be coming his/her way should there be a mistake. Living with the critical Virgo will not be an easy task for the emotionally high strung Cancer who will take all the criticisms to heart and sulk for days. However, in spite of this, the chemistry is exceptionally good. The Virgo will be very "in to" the Cancer, and the feeling will be mutual. This deep, almost unconscious connection will be very strong, making this a good astrological match.

cancer and virgo - astrological compatibility rank = 8 (10 is best)

Cancer will appreciate Virgo's care and attention to detail, although they may not appreciate the critical eye of Virgo, especially when that criticism is aimed at cancer that takes things to heart as a rule. Virgo will appreciate the loyalty and sincerity of cancer, but will need to be a little more demonstrative and affectionate with cancer.

CANCER goes with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. (best match is Taurus)

Best Match For Cancer Is Taurus
This is an excellent match and you will find it hard to tear yourselves away from one another! Stay clear of getting too wrapped up in one another though...

Worst Match For Cancer is Gemini
You are too active for this one. The Cancer will want to stay home and cling, so to speak, while you want to go out roam, do things. Forget it! Your energy level is too much higher then the Cancer, and this will in most cases be too much to overcome.

How Cancer gets along with all the signs:

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