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Aries With Cancer Love Horoscopes and Compatibility section.

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Aries gets along OK well Cancer. Not the greatest love horoscope matches for aries, but it can work.

Aries With Cancer:

This romance can go either way, can be stormy and trouble filled, or work like a well-oiled machine. Cancer can give the Aries the home base they need, but on the negative side, Cancer keeps their hurt feelings to themselves, and you as an Aries are not comfortable with this.

aries and cancer - astrological compatibility rank = 1 (10 is best)

Aries tends to blurt everything out. Sensitive and clinging, Cancer may seem like a burden to you in some ways, but you do appreciate the attention. As an Aries you must learn to adapt to Cancer's ways if this romance is to work.

ARIES goes with Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius (most compatible is Leo).

Best Match For Aries Is Leo
Aries has a fiery personality, and can be quite head strong. This can make them hard to match with other people, but also make them very passionate with some. Leo and Aries are perhaps the best of all matches, but if things go wrong and one betrays the other, it can get explosively ugly!

Worst Match For Aries is Cancer
Hardly a match made in heaven Aries and Cancer tend to clash. Do not despair if you are in one of these relationships, true love will overcome. Both Aries and cancer are powerful and very self expressive. However, Cancer can be sensitive and somewhat anxious while Aries people are dominant and spontaneous. Aries is not the greatest at expressing their feelings. This leads to the constant annoyance of the moody, retrospective Cancer.

How Aries gets along with the rest of the signs:

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