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Weekly Horoscopes!
Weekly Horoscopes From Astrology Insight!

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These Horoscopes are for Week Starting 02 27 2015
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Aries the RamAries - March 21 - April 20 Stick to your work and avoid emotional confrontations. Social events should be the highlight of your day. If you haven't planned a vacation, then at least try to get away for the weekend. You can make changes to your living quarters that should please family members. You need to spend some time pampering yourself.

Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.
Taurus the BullTaurus - April 21 - May 20 Put your emotional energy into passion not anxiety Finish projects that have been hanging over your head. This is a great day to spend with family. Keep calm. Someone around you is bouncing off the walls.

Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
Gemini the TwinsGemini - May 22 - June 21 You will have excellent ideas and you should be able to help your partner get ahead. Hard work will not go unnoticed. Your involvement in interest groups may bring you popularity. You would be wise to socialize with as many people as possible.

Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.
Cancer the CrabCancer - June 22 - July 22 Put your energy into behind the scenes activities. Try not to lend or borrow money this week. Take time to deal with legal documents and the affairs of people who you may be indebted to. This is a great day to spend with family.

Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
Leo the LionLeo - July 23 -August 22 Don't let someone you work with put words in your mouth. You may find that lectures or travel will be highly successful. Be firm when dealing with matters pertaining to your environment. Involvement in fitness clubs will be conducive to engaging roman tic connections.

Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
Virgo the VirginVirgo - August 23 - September 22 Opportunities for romance will develop through activities with large groups. Any intimate relationships with colleagues will lead to gossip that could easily affect your position. Joint ventures might prove to be unfavorable. Opportunities for new friendships are apparent.

Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.
Libra the ScalesLibra - September 23 - October 22 Find out if they have other commitments. You may want to stay in the background this week. Discuss your problems and complaints if you wish to rectify them. Look into the cost factor, but don't try to get backing yet.

Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
Scorpio the ScorpionScorpio - October 23 - November 21 Children might be on your mind. Don't hesitate to make special plans just for two. Try to ease any disappointment by making amends. You can make successful moves. Be aware of any emotional deception. Do not sign legal contracts or documents this week.

Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
Sagittarius the ArcherSagittarius - November 22 - December 20 You are best to avoid joint ventures, and whatever you do, don't lend to friends or relatives. You are in a high cycle where travel, education, and creative endeavors are concerned. Visitors may be likely to drop by. Don't draw too much attention to yourself at work.

Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
Capricorn the GoatCapricorn - December 21 - January 19 Let them know what your intentions are. You will enjoy lavish forms of entertainment and should consider making arrangements early. Do the necessary chores and then do things that please you. You should be making plans to spend some time with the ones you love.

Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
Aquarius the Water BearerAquarius - January 20 - February 18 You should catch up on correspondence. You may be somewhat emotional concerning a rather private matter. You will have no problem getting your point across to those in a position to help you. Your main concern will be to spend as little as possible of your own cash in the process.

Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
Pisces the FishesPisces - February 19 - March 20 Some of the best opportunities will crop up if you keep an open mind. You can make excellent career moves if you are open to the opportunities that exist. Rely on yourself and you will look good to superiors. Join groups of a humanitarian nature.

Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.

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